Recently, there were a few releases in the Xfce Goodies project. I will try to summarize the main changes.

Xfce4 Power Manager 0.6.1 and 0.6.2

Those two bug fix releases fix various annoying problems: a tab was not working in the settings dialogs, there were some D-Bus related errors and the -r option is not needed anymore to start the application.

The author also added a brightness control plugin for the Xfce Panel to the Xfce SVN and discussions have started about merging the different battery panel plugins and the power manager. He also considers using DeviceKit. A lot of exciting stuff for the next release!

Midori 0.1.3

This new release of Midori, the fast Webkit based browser, brings a lot of interesting new features:

  • improved zoom preferences.
  • the interface can now be easily configured.
  • a new Mouse Gestures extension allows you to bind actions to particular mouse gestures.
  • Maemo integration for mobiles.
  • Find as you type feature for the search bar: results are proposed while you type a word in the search bar.

Gigolo 0.2.1

This bug fix release fixes a few bugs: Obex URIs are saved correctly now, some interface related problems have been fixed and one can now use the @ symbol in adresses.

Xfburn 0.4.1

And one more bug fix release ! It fixes drag and drop related issues, a crash when creating folders in a composition and burners detection has been improved. It is also advised to use libburn 0.5.6 or higher, which fixes a few annoying crashes.

Xfce4 Screenshooter 1.5.1

Yet another bug fix release... The mouse cursor is now displayed on the screenshots, a crash when the application did not detect any application to open images and one memory leak fixed...

Those little goodies should appetize you for Xfce 4.6 !